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Hey guys! 
How much do you like watches and accessories? I like to accessorize my outfits all the time, I think it upgrades an outfit and gives it a completely different look. Besides, what girl doesn't like accessories in general? Weather its watches, necklaces, rings or earrings, they are every girls attraction because they are oh so fun. 
Today I'd like to share a fun jewelry and accessories site with you, that is where my watch is from. Born Pretty has variety of fun items with affordable prices. And through this post they offer FREE SHIPPING and 10% coupon on everything, just use code YULIPC10. 
Have fun shopping!

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Flowers and Polka Dots

Sweater: Macy's, White Tank: Urban Outfitters, Pants: Mossimo, Pumps: BCBG, Clutch: NYC

So, my little one is now 6 weeks and started to talk, she doesn't do it a lot during the day, but I randomly hear her say 'coo' and 'agoo' throughout the day. Its so precious and so cute! Every morning we have conversational sessions, where she starts talking and I am just agreeing and pretending I know exactly what she is talking about. I tell her how beautiful she is and how much I love her, in return she stares a lot and looks very confused. She also has like 100 face expressions lol and omg I just cant take it, I cant stop smooching her! Best times.

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A Denim Piece

Shirt: old, Necklace: old, Tank: Urban Outfitters, Pants: old, Shoes: Guess, Bag: Ivanca Trump

Happy Monday ladies! 
I have prepared these photos ahead of time since its not the easiest to get out with the baby whenever I want. She is kind of the Boss around here and everything she says goes lol.
Anyway, a little bit about my outfit. Jean shirt, black pants, and those shoes- especially shoes, are all about comfort. I love high heels, for the most part I wear them wherever I go, but now with the baby I need something more comfortable. So when I saw these Guess strap shoes at DSW I had to get them. They are super comfortable, great color that would go pretty much with any outfit and ankle straps are a plus.
Did any of you mothers give up heels because of your baby?

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Wrap Sweater

Necklace: presen, Sweater, BCBG, Tank: old, Pants: Victorias Secret, Shoes:Guess, Bag: Ivanca Trump

The weather here has been super amazing lately. It has been in the 60s and sunny, I think its safe to say spring is here and its super exciting. It has been 5 weeks since our little one was born and we have kept her at home, avoided taking her places so she doesn't get sick and so she can develop a healthy immune system. So, since the weather has been good to us and fresh air is good for babies we bundled Gracie up and went to a park near by while we snapped few photos of my outfit. It is much harder now doing these shoots because you have to multitask and sometimes the baby just fusses for no reason and you just have to stop and attend to her. All in all, it was nice to get out and to finally do something different for a change.

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From few weeks back when we had snow

Jacket: Nordstrom (old), Shirt: Michael Kors, Jeans: Target, booties: F21, Bag: Ivanca Trump

So this was taken few weeks back when we had snow. My husband and I had come back from a meeting and before changing back into my sweats I remembered to snap a few photos in our back yard. Nothing too fancy, just a simple outfit that is very comfortable and neat. That morning I was going through my jacket section in our closet and pulled out this jacket I had purchased years ago. Its all wool so its very warm. I adore the neck detail, because of it I think necklace is not needed, its kind of like a necklace.
Anyway, happy to be back. Hope all of you are well.

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